Monday, July 5, 2010

"Nuova Avventura" by Joseph Rivers (Instrumental Artist from Eastern Tulsa, OK)

The spectacular easy listening piano album, "Nuova Avventura," by highly accomplished pianist Joseph Rivers, is comprised of exquisite piano solos that will seep subtly into your soul. Rivers will capture your heart will his original compositions that he performs with a polished style and grace. Right from the first track the moving song, "Waterfalls," is emotive as Rivers caresses the keys with a finesse that is emotive and superb. Feel the rushing droplets of the rainfall that Rivers creates as the crisp sound of the piano delicately plays with intriguing style. As an added bonus, a few tracks on this CD blend the piano with the beautiful sounds of the violin, clarinet, and flute such as "Ayumi's Song," "Romanza," and "L'Amore Vince Tutto." Fans of piano solo music will surely appreciate the soothing compositions on the brilliant album, "Nuova Avventura."

- Diane and the Reviewer Team
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