Sunday, January 24, 2010

"New York Situation" by Zhonray (Easy Listening Artist from The United Kingdom)

Zhonray's latest release CD is "New York Situation" and proves to be a wonderful adult contemporary single. This CD includes 2 well produced versions, one with vocals and one instrumental only, of the title song. The song in itself is a beautiful tribute and reflection upon the city that never sleeps and its inherent romantic possibilities. It is a mellow and charming song, featuring Zhonray's velvety voice singing over alluring piano highlights and classy synthesizer interplay. With this single you also get an instrumental version of "New York Situation" so that you can take in this delightful song with its easy flowing drum beats, sweet strings, and synth brass. If you enjoy previous musical tributes to New York City from the likes of Frank Sinatra or Billy Joel, then you will thoroughly enjoy Zhonray's single, "New York Situation," as it is an easy listening song with heartfelt vocals and well balanced synth instruments.

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Season's Greetings" by Manjia Luo (Easy Listening Artist from Australia)

Manjia Luo's latest release is a holiday-themed album called "Season's Greetings." However, it is not an album filled with your traditional Christmas songs. Instead, it contains a mix of original pieces that express holiday cheer through a tranquil mixing of Western and Eastern sounds. "Seasons's Greetings" is a placid and calming song with beautiful harp playing that comes off as a holiday number, even though it is not one you would have known before. "Tranquil Mood" is a wonderful piano piece featuring playing that evokes the full range of the instrument. "Back to Childhood" is a song that mixes Eastern and Western influences in its use of violin, beautifully telling a wordless story through melody alone. Manjia Luo's "Season's Greetings" explores the quieter and more peaceful side of holiday-inspired music with grace and delicacy. It's perfect for those who enjoy new-age relaxation music, or for those who would like excellent background music for a warm winter's get-together.

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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