Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Upbeat Journey" by Zrusk (Classical: Piano Solo Artist from Utah)

The talented pianist, Zach Rusk, and his latest released CD, "Upbeat Journey," will impress you with his artistic arrangements of beautiful New Age/Contemporary instrumentals. Rusk takes his musical finesse on the piano and creates a lovely blend of songs that are stylish and upbeat. "Journey," is a song that highlights the crisp clean clarity of the piano as the soft and subtle strings cascades around the elegant melody. You'll feel as if the warm sun is shining down upon you on the cheery song, "Sunshine" as the vibrant and happy melody flows with an encouraging musical tonality. The rich and bold ambiance of the piano on the song, "Dream Catch," is stunning as the faint touch of strings mingle with the magical melody. If you like piano instrumentals and are a fan of John Tesh, then you will appreciate the wonderful collection of songs on the album, "Upbeat Journey."

-Diane and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

"The Dream Of Olwen" by Roger Cairns (Easy Listening Artist from Los Angeles, CA)

The outstanding album, "The Dream of Olwen," by Roger Cairns & Gary Fukushima, is easy listening music at its best. This duo has taken a superb collection of Great American songs from the past and interweaves their own musical interpretations to them. Vocalist, Roger Cairns, sings with a deep and rich tonality while Gary Fukushima accompanies him on the piano with delicate and dreamy dexterity. The classic song, "I'm In Love Again," is an expressive ballad as Cairns projects his voice with emotional sincerity while Fukushima performs with a tender, crisp and clean piano accompaniment. A favorite standard from the past, "Ebb Tide," is performed with passionate vocals and gently surging piano complexities. Another delightful number, "For All We Know," is delicate and dreamy as the relaxed vocals and sweet piano melodiously charm its way into your heart and soul. If you like Andy Williams or Mel Torme, then you will thoroughly enjoy the splendid collection of songs on the wonderful album, "The Dream of Olwen."

-Diane and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Love Energy" by Xavier Boscher (Easy Listening Artist from France)

Get ready to be mesmerized by guitar virtuoso, Xavier Boscher, and his most recently released album, "Love Energy." This CD is overflowing with sweet Contemporary guitar instrumentals that are set to an enticing blend of New Age tonality. You will also enjoy the way Boscher intermingles his enticing guitar styles with a colorful palette of synth sound and textures. Listen, as each song contains exquisite shimmering layers of sounds that dynamically complement Boscher and his sultry guitar. The opening track, "A New Child is Coming," moves with an easy flowing beat as Boscher performs with electrifying musicality. He lets the listener feel his powerful and soulful emotions on the magnetic song, "With My Deepest Love." As you hear the song, "Body Therapy," you will sense a total mind and body relaxation as the music inspires peace and tranquility. If you're someone who really enjoys soft guitar instrumentals, then the album, "Love Energy," would be an ideal CD for your listening pleasure.

-Diane and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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Monday, July 5, 2010

"Nuova Avventura" by Joseph Rivers (Instrumental Artist from Eastern Tulsa, OK)

The spectacular easy listening piano album, "Nuova Avventura," by highly accomplished pianist Joseph Rivers, is comprised of exquisite piano solos that will seep subtly into your soul. Rivers will capture your heart will his original compositions that he performs with a polished style and grace. Right from the first track the moving song, "Waterfalls," is emotive as Rivers caresses the keys with a finesse that is emotive and superb. Feel the rushing droplets of the rainfall that Rivers creates as the crisp sound of the piano delicately plays with intriguing style. As an added bonus, a few tracks on this CD blend the piano with the beautiful sounds of the violin, clarinet, and flute such as "Ayumi's Song," "Romanza," and "L'Amore Vince Tutto." Fans of piano solo music will surely appreciate the soothing compositions on the brilliant album, "Nuova Avventura."

- Diane and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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Monday, February 15, 2010

"Rhapsody of Enchanted Lands" by Akuna Art (Easy Listening Artist from France)

The electro-ambient creations of "Rhapsody of Enchanted Lands" by Akuna Art are among the few out there that can bring two genres, electronic and ambient, together extremely well. One can sit back and relax at home and let the melodies of the tracks soothe you or bob your head while driving on a nice sunny day. The rhythm and melody work so perfectly; making this a unique, enjoyable album. The very last track "5 O'Clock AM" is beautiful soundscape with trumpets, synthesizers, and other more modern effects that will take the listener into another world. "Philosophy In the Bedroom" utilizes the cool tempo of tribal drums with synthetic effects which definitely give the album a unique tone overall. If you like Cafe del Mar with a little Enya, then this album, "Rhapsody of Enchanted Lands" by Akuna Art is for you.

-Trent C. and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

"New York Situation" by Zhonray (Easy Listening Artist from The United Kingdom)

Zhonray's latest release CD is "New York Situation" and proves to be a wonderful adult contemporary single. This CD includes 2 well produced versions, one with vocals and one instrumental only, of the title song. The song in itself is a beautiful tribute and reflection upon the city that never sleeps and its inherent romantic possibilities. It is a mellow and charming song, featuring Zhonray's velvety voice singing over alluring piano highlights and classy synthesizer interplay. With this single you also get an instrumental version of "New York Situation" so that you can take in this delightful song with its easy flowing drum beats, sweet strings, and synth brass. If you enjoy previous musical tributes to New York City from the likes of Frank Sinatra or Billy Joel, then you will thoroughly enjoy Zhonray's single, "New York Situation," as it is an easy listening song with heartfelt vocals and well balanced synth instruments.

-Sean B. and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Season's Greetings" by Manjia Luo (Easy Listening Artist from Australia)

Manjia Luo's latest release is a holiday-themed album called "Season's Greetings." However, it is not an album filled with your traditional Christmas songs. Instead, it contains a mix of original pieces that express holiday cheer through a tranquil mixing of Western and Eastern sounds. "Seasons's Greetings" is a placid and calming song with beautiful harp playing that comes off as a holiday number, even though it is not one you would have known before. "Tranquil Mood" is a wonderful piano piece featuring playing that evokes the full range of the instrument. "Back to Childhood" is a song that mixes Eastern and Western influences in its use of violin, beautifully telling a wordless story through melody alone. Manjia Luo's "Season's Greetings" explores the quieter and more peaceful side of holiday-inspired music with grace and delicacy. It's perfect for those who enjoy new-age relaxation music, or for those who would like excellent background music for a warm winter's get-together.

-Sean B. and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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