Saturday, January 24, 2009

"Walk On Water" by Kelti Malone (Pop Artist from Alberta, Canada)

Canadian singer/songwriter Kelti Malone introduces her debut album "Walk On Water," which features original compilations of soft pop music. Malone has created unique arrangements highlighted with smooth piano accompaniment and soft drum beats. Lyrics are insightful and are sung beautifully with distinct accuracy. On the title track "Walk on Water," the piano performs bouncy chord progressions to the sweet and well-balanced vocals. Malone also displays her talent on the piano with a solo performance on "Forever." The production quality is great, as this album is filled with lyrical and moderate rhythms and balanced with soft and soothing orchestrations. Fans of Dido or Norah Jones won't be disappointed when listening to Kelti Malone's collection of soft-pop ballads, "Walk on Water."

-Diane and The Reviewer Team
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Friday, January 2, 2009

"A Gift of Love" by Second Wind Bandits (Easy Listening Artist from Maryland(MD))

"A Gift of Love" by Second Wind Bandits is a roots rock album filled with inspiring and powerful songs. The arrangements are filled with great melodic layers and driving beats, while singer/songwriter Bill Mulroney delivers passionate lyrics with a distinctly superior singing ability. The production behind the album is top-notch. It is skillfully mixed and mastered with the vocals up front and well represented instrumentation behind. The Beatles influence shines through brightly on this CD. This is a professionally crafted group of songs ready for airplay. Highlights are the opener "Stockbridge Bound," setting the tone right from the start of the CD with a powerful arrangement and vocal performance to tell the tale of Moses. "Baby Let's Ride" features a more intimate arrangement highlighted by country based instruments and another captivating vocal performance. A dirty bass line coupled with vocals, opens "Hey Babe" to set up the burst into a powerful chorus. This album is a great collection of musical work. You will enjoy it if you long for solidly crafted folk rock with fantastic vocal performances.

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