Sunday, December 14, 2008

Check Out This Talented Easy Listening Artist

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Band Name: Ryan Engelbrecht
Band Location: New York
Sounds Like: Josh Groban, Il Divo
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Check Out This Talented Easy Listening Artist

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Band Name: Lydia Gray
Band Location: New Hampshire
Sounds Like: Norah Jones, Erin Bode, Diana Krall
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Lost Away" by Matt Morgan (Easy Listening Artist from Pennsylvania(PA))

RadioIndy is pleased to present Matt Morgan with a GrIndie Award for the CD "Lost Away"

"Lost Away" is the acoustic-driven soft rock debut from talented singer/songwriter Matt Morgan. This album offers eleven heartfelt songs nicely formulated around Morgan's skillful acoustic compositions in the pop, folk, Americana, and blues genres. His vocal performance is similar to that of James Taylor, and Morgan is able to convey a good deal of emotion solely with his voice in a manner that leaves you hanging on every word. This vocal performance is perfect for the acoustic arrangements and the emotions stirred up in his lyrics of life and love. "Lost Away" is well-recorded, as Morgan and Rock Hollow Records hand-selected Morgan's finest tracks for this album, and it sounds great. "Perfect Day" is a great melodic track with a nice acoustic progression and great lyrics about success being nothing without the one you love by your side. "Trashed White Blues" closes out the album with a more upbeat bluesy track featuring twanging guitars and a great acoustic beat. Overall, "Lost Away" is an impressive debut from a talented singer/songwriter capable of conveying his emotions both vocally and musically. Fans of soft rock and great acoustic arrangements, give Matt Morgan a listen. -Chris & the Review Team
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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"What Am I Really" by Bill East (Adult Contemporary Artist from Massachusetts (MA))

"What Am I Really" is a new age folk rock album brought to you by the poetic Bill East. The lyrics are the backbone of Bill's music, as he pries into the mind and tickles the ears of listeners. The arrangements and overall style are very upbeat, with a subtle blending of genres that make up a single innovative sound. Listeners will get their money's worth with this collection as Bill brings out an amazing 29 tracks. Great care was taken in the production of this album as well. Every track is crisp and each instrument sounds clean. The female harmony is a great addition to the sound, which listeners will hear on most of the tracks. The simple, yet enjoyable "Is There Anything, Appearing Anywhere" and the hypnotic "Is There A Separate Independent I Or Me" are definite highlights. "Sometimes There's Pleasure Sometimes There's Pain" wraps the album up nicely with a message that really hits home. For listeners in the mood for some 60's folk with a new age alternative feel wrapped around it, "What Am I Really" by Bill East should be checked out.
-William and the Reviewer Team
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"Muitiro" by Phil Flarvh (Easy Listening/Pop Artist from Virginia (VA))

"Muitiro" by Phil Flarvh is an eclectic CD unified with traditional South African cultural music and modern day electronics. In a unique contrast of cultures, Flarvh has mastered the art of creativity in collectively combining these two contrasting styles of music. The electronic drums imply the modern day dance club rhythm while the piano keeps a soft and serene chord structure. The delicate hints of synthesized strings embellish the tone of easy listening music. The lyrics are gracefully spoken yet sung with themes and variations. Perfect harmonies keep form and integrate the vocal with an ensemble providing the shape of African tonality. The title track is a great example that rhythm, form, and harmony from opposite classifications can merge to create a new type of musical style. If you like the music of Lady Smith Black Mambazo, you will enjoy listening to the easy listening CD "Muitiro" by Phil Flarvh.
-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Christmas Is Easy When Love's Around" by Tey (Easy Listening Artist from Illinois (IL))

"Christmas Is Easy When Love's Around" by Tey is a refreshing adaptation of traditional holiday songs. Tey has taken these holiday songs to a new level by adding her own vocal style with influences of easy listening pop/rock. The vocals are clean and crisp, yet emotional and soulful with great consistency throughout the entire album. A great example of this soulful and edgy vocal spirit can be heard on "Jingle Bell Rock". Additionally the track showcases the diversity of rock style musicians playing with steady drum beats and biting guitar licks. In another selection of nice vocal composition, Tey displays moving expression on the lyrics of "Happy Christmas" as some words can be heard as a whisper giving this song a touching quality. The jazzy musical arrangement heard on "I'll Be Home For Christmas" gives the song a energizing tempo to compliment vocals sung with great eloquence. If you're looking to hear holiday songs with a fresh vocal flair and catchy musical arrangements, you'll want to listen to "Christmas Is Easy When Love's Around" by Tey.
-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Clips in Time" by Darrell Hansen (Easy Listening/Spiritual Artist from California (CA))

A moving, original compilation of life's ups and downs is sung in "Clips in Time" by Darrell Hansen. This album offers genres of soft rock, spirituality, and a little country. The vocals are comforting and gentle with compassionate and sweet harmonies. The musical quality is credited to talented musicians who play with supportive style. "Just Fun to Be With You" has a nice bouncy rhythm that makes the listener feel happy. Hansen's lyrics detail his personal life experiences with heartfelt openness, especially when singing about his wife in "Jeannette's Song." It not only pays homage to his wife, but also gives awareness to a mysterious disease. Listeners who enjoy music from John Denver or Neil Young will enjoy this album. Darrell Hansen's "Clips in Time" is filled with a sincere, spiritual meaning of love and hope and is well worth listening to.
-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"The Innocence" by Trent Dransfield (Easy Listening Artist from Utah(UT))

RadioIndy is pleased to present Trent Dransfield with a GrIndie Award for the CD "The Innocence"

"The Innocence" is an awe-inspiring and excellently crafted instrumental easy listening album from pianist/composer Trent Dransfield. With the help of an acoustic guitar, a flute, and and various orchestral string elements, Dransfield has arranged eleven piano-fueled easy listening gems, many of which have great jazz elements incorporated into them. This is great mood music for introspection, meditation, and relaxation as Dransfield's heartfelt, inspirational, and oftentimes spiritual melodies soar off of the ivory. "The Innocence" is well-produced, so the instrumentation sounds clean and absolutely professional. "I Like To Look For Rainbows" introduces the album with a great melodic piano arrangement with an acoustic guitar and cello accompaniment. It is composed with such inspiration and spirituality that it feels like a church service hymn. "On a Golden Springtime" has a Brubeck-esque piano arrangement with great jazz elements and a light string backing. Overall, "The Innocence" is an excellent album with great, heartfelt arrangements from an extremely talented pianist and composer. Do yourself a favor and pick up what is easily one of the best easy listening albums of the year.-Chris & the Review Team
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Monday, December 1, 2008

"Singing the Songs of My Heart" by Linda Kay Burk (Easy Listening Artist from California(CA))

RadioIndy is pleased to present Linda Kay Burk with a GrIndie Award for the CD "Singing the Songs of My Heart"

"Singing the Songs of My Heart" is the family-oriented easy listening debut from singer/songwriter Linda Kay Burk. Linda Kay uses great imagery and narrative structure and draws from her own life experience to weave together these soothing and positive songs of comfort and joy. Particularly prevalent is her imagery of the great outdoors, as she sings about butterflies, dolphins, swimming, and playing outside. Each song is kid-friendly and some are outright children's songs, but her strong and soothing vocal performance and great, piano-driven arrangements give adults something to enjoy as well. The recording quality of "Singing the Songs of My Heart" is great, and the entire album sounds polished and professional. "I Believe in Miracles" is a ballad about Linda Kay's personal healing process, a more adult contemporary track with a fitting soft arrangement and a great vocal performance. "Live in the Moment, Now!" begins with the sound of crashing waves and a nice piano introduction, then turns into a song about taking the time to play with your children, to share joy with them and to live for today. Linda Kay Burk offers her heart and ten positive, uplifting tracks that can be appreciated by the entire family with her debut, "Singing the Songs of My Heart." If you are a parent who enjoys easy listening, adult contemporary and want a great album to put your child to sleep with, pick up this album.-Chris & the Review Team
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“This Train Still Runs" by Marcus Dagan (Easy Listening/Pop Artist from Baltimore, Maryland (MD))

"This Train Still Runs" is an easy listening/contemporary album filled with some popular standards by Marcus Dagan. Dagan's vocal qualities are deep and rich, and emit strong yet emotional tonality. Remarkable musicians accompany lead vocals in a sophisticated, clean, and crisp style. Unwind to the lyrics of each song as you remember the good old days and the good days that are still to come. A nice, relaxing jazz feel with a bluesy muted horn is exceptional on the song "Booze Is Just An Excuse." Featured in the title track "It Was A Very Good Year/This Train Still Runs" is a great classical piano favorite that introduces this popular standard and a marvelous orchestration through the string section. "This Train Still Runs" is a superb album and well worth listening to, especially for fans of Neil Diamond and Harry Chapin.
-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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