Sunday, August 17, 2008

“Mainstream” by Drew Pizzulo (Easy Listening Artist from New Jersey(NJ))

"Mainstream" marks the twenty-second Christian adult contemporary release from singer/songwriter and former American Idol contestant Drew Pizzulo. Pizzulo brings his smooth soulful vocals to each song while the arrangements dabble in a variety of genres, including rock, easy listening, r&b, hip-hop, jazz and electronica. Seasoned musicians Anderson Barbosa, Rick Barclay, and Donnie Klang lent Pizzulo a hand in recording the arrangements and fully realizing the sound he had dreamt up for each track. As one might suspect, "Mainstream" is filled with poppy songs with catchy lyrics about love, faith, and dreaming. All of Pizzulo's recordings have been self-released, and "Mainstream" is no exception; with that being said, it sounds great and clean. "Sleep Together" is an electronica track literally about the girl of Pizzulo's dreams with an attention-grabbing opening and a great beat throughout. "Catch-22" is befitting for Pizzulo's twenty-second release and is a great jazzy piano track about not being in love. Fans of soulful adult contemporary vocals and backing arrangements that span a variety of genres, check out Drew Pizzulo.
-Chris & the Review Team
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

“The Innocence” by Trent Dransfield (Easy Listening Artist from Utah(UT))

"The Innocence" is an awe-inspiring and excellently crafted instrumental easy listening album from pianist/composer Trent Dransfield. With the help of an acoustic guitar, a flute, and and various orchestral string elements, Dransfield has arranged eleven piano-fueled easy listening gems, many of which have great jazz elements incorporated into them. This is great mood music for introspection, meditation, and relaxation as Dransfield's heartfelt, inspirational, and oftentimes spiritual melodies soar off of the ivory. "The Innocence" is well-produced, so the instrumentation sounds clean and absolutely professional. "I Like To Look For Rainbows" introduces the album with a great melodic piano arrangement with an acoustic guitar and cello accompaniment. It is composed with such inspiration and spirituality that it feels like a church service hymn. "On a Golden Springtime" has a Brubeck-esque piano arrangement with great jazz elements and a light string backing. Overall, "The Innocence" is an excellent album with great, heartfelt arrangements from an extremely talented pianist and composer. Do yourself a favor and pick up what is easily one of the best easy listening albums of the year.
-Chris & the Review Team
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Friday, August 8, 2008

“Music From the Creator” by Asiyah (Easy Listening Artist from Arizona(AZ))

"Music From the Creator" by Asiyah is an incredible two CD set of spiritual songs and verses that spans a variety of genres. What makes this album incredible is the amount of thought that went into it. Asiyah takes the ancient notion that God gave each Hebrew letter a musical vibration, uses the Hebrew text of Biblical verses to create a letter-by-letter song notation, and adapts them instrumentally to fit contemporary music genres, including Latin, rock, reggae, jazz, blues, ambient, and classical. The odd numbered tracks on the album are spoken word and recite the Biblical verse in Hebrew, and Psalms in song form. The even tracks that follow take the letter-by-letter notation and make an original and enjoyable song out of it. The recording quality is great, clean and polished, so that the spoken word tracks could be completely understood by a Hebrew linguist. "From the Dust" brings Genesis 2:7-8 to life with a great reggae sound, including the steel drum and a nice arrangement. "Lifted Up" has a great Latin rock flare with the use of shakers, marimba and electric guitar following the notes of Isaiah 6:1. "Shall Come to Pass" is an excellent standard jazz adaptation of Isaiah 4:3, with great jazz piano, solo guitar, and rhythmic drums. "Music From the Creator" is certainly an in-your-face spiritual experience, but its method and the sheer enjoyability of the songs the selected verses help create has an appeal to both the secular and non-secular world. Perhaps, through its beauty, it will awaken a little spirituality in all of us.
-Chris & the Review Team
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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

“Singing the Songs of My Heart” by Linda Kay Burk ( Easy Listening Artist from California(CA))

"Singing the Songs of My Heart" is the family-oriented easy listening debut from singer/songwriter Linda Kay Burk. Linda Kay uses great imagery and narrative structure and draws from her own life experience to weave together these soothing and positive songs of comfort and joy. Particularly prevalent is her imagery of the great outdoors, as she sings about butterflies, dolphins, swimming, and playing outside. Each song is kid-friendly and some are outright children's songs, but her strong and soothing vocal performance and great, piano-driven arrangements give adults something to enjoy as well. The recording quality of "Singing the Songs of My Heart" is great, and the entire album sounds polished and professional. "I Believe in Miracles" is a ballad about Linda Kay's personal healing process, a more adult contemporary track with a fitting soft arrangement and a great vocal performance. "Live in the Moment, Now!" begins with the sound of crashing waves and a nice piano introduction, then turns into a song about taking the time to play with your children, to share joy with them and to live for today. Linda Kay Burk offers her heart and ten positive, uplifting tracks that can be appreciated by the entire family with her debut, "Singing the Songs of My Heart." If you are a parent who enjoys easy listening, adult contemporary and want a great album to put your child to sleep with, pick up this album.

-Chris & the Review Team
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