Thursday, June 19, 2008

“Love in Your Eyes” by June Simon (Easy Listening Artist from Washington(WA))

"Love in Your Eyes" by June Simon is a refreshing easy-listening album that offers a brilliant display of June's spectacular vocal performances. Wells of passion and sincerity are found in June's wonderful coloratura voice. Moreover, the dreamy, emotion-infused piano progressions that make up much of this CD's musical atmosphere are definitely worthy of praise. The prominent use of the horn in "Song of Madrid" and "Quiet Angel" adds much to their heavy emotional atmosphere. Varying things a bit, June switches to a more island-flair with the steel-pan-led "My Bluebird." Furthermore, the use of the violin in "Shadows" is sensible and well-placed. This is an altogether delightful, entertaining, and expressive work by a strong, talented singer backed by experienced musicians. Wrapped up with top-notch production, this collection appeals to any fan of diverse easy-listening love songs.
-Lea and the RadioIndy Reviewer Team

“Grandfather Moon” by Jerry Corelli (Easy Listening Artist from Tacoma, Washington (WA))

"Grandfather Moon" by Jerry Corelli is an upbeat, easy-listening CD bringing the strong talent of Jerry and his distinctive, baritone timbre. This CD is a work of well-crafted love songs, conveying the ups and downs of being in relationships through straight-forward, poetic lyricism. The depth of feeling Jerry is capable of putting into his music is best displayed on the somber, yet sincere ballad "I'll Never Love Again." Moreover, Jerry's feeling of joy is contagious on the string-infused "I Can't Believe I'm Yours." The female background vocal arrangements on this tune do a great job of accentuating the lead vocals. Furthermore, "Marriage Seed" demonstrates the superb musicianship present on this CD through its graceful keyboard intro. What's more, the clarity of sound allows these tunes to shine in their true glory. Fans of passionate, easy-listening love songs will find great joy in these romance-filled tunes.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Move On" by Kenn Morr (Easy Listening Artist from Connecticut(CT))

"Move On" by Kenn Morr is an adult rock album fused with a little country. The standout aspect of this CD is Ken's intimate and honest voice, which draws you in. The arrangements are subtle and deep with nice layers, including tasteful harmonies on a number of tracks. Kenn's style is very laid back and "cool." Another great quality is the varying textures of the songs, each having it's own identity. You'll hear a great number of influences, such as reggae and Celtic, as well as an overall organic nature to the sound that supports the lyrical content. Highlights are "Get Back" with a nice piano progression and some smooth vocals. "Blue Morn" features some nice harmonica work, nice vocal delivery and interesting changes. "Girl With the Auburn Hair" is cleverly mysterious, with a road weary feel. If you enjoy adult rock/contemporary artists with deep voices and deep messages, you'll enjoy this CD.
-William and the Reviewer Team
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