Friday, February 8, 2008

“One More Yesterday” by Ron Ka-ipo (Easy Listening/Jazz artist from Hawaii (HI))

"One More Yesterday" by the creatively diverse Ron Ka-ipo is a pleasantly eclectic collection of heart-felt love songs. Easy-listening, blues, reggae, country, rock, and Latin flavors are just a few of the ingredients that contribute to this tasteful mixture. Throughout the CD, there is a tropical/Hawaiian ambiance, solid instrumentation and professional production. The reggae spiced "Aloha Nui Don Ho" opens up this CD, wasting no time in introducing listeners to Ron's calm, romantic tone. "Ke Alaula" is another noteworthy tune, driven by Latin percussion, beautiful acoustic guitars, and nice string arrangements. If you enjoy calming, romantic music with a Hawaiian flavor, you will enjoy this CD.
-Xavier and the RadioIndy Team
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"Ryan Engelbrecht" by Ryan Engelbrecht (Easy Listening artist from New York (NY))

"Ryan Engelbrecht" CD showcases a superb young man's talent and abilities far-reaching beyond his years. The music and production nicely back the CDs showcase - Ryan's powerful vocals. As a songwriter, this "popera" star is headed in the right direction with his Latin-inspired composition "Tu." We cannot wait to hear more of his original compositions including his current project, a full-length opera. The elegant, strong, smooth, powerfully intimate Operatic "You Raise Me Up" and "To Where You Are" are standouts on this CD. As a baritone, Engelbrecht transfers smoothly and succinctly into an impressive falsetto to send chills down the spine. If you enjoy artists such as Josh Grobin, you will enjoy this CD.
-Terri and the RadioIndy Team
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"In My Eyes" by Lydia Gray (Easy Listening artist from New Hampshire (NH))

Hailing from such a talented musical family, Lydia Gray's recording of popular hits entitled "In My Eyes" reflects multi-generational influences. Her pitch is fantastic, accompaniment light and airy, and her interpretations right-on! We think Gray captures the feeling and hidden meaning in this excellent collection modern hits. If you enjoy Norah Jones, then you'll enjoy this CD. Lydia's sultry vocals are stand-out in "I Love Him," along with fantastic flute in this number and on "Red Rain." For the brilliant "sadness" of the guitar and cello, plus Lydia's sweet vocal rendition, our pick is "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word." All there is left to say, "Hurry, don't wait another day until you check out Lydia's beautiful vocals on these memorable songs."
-Terri and the RadioIndy Team
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Saturday, February 2, 2008

"A Tribute To Love" by Marc Gunn (Easy Listening artist from Austin, Texas (TX))

Marc Gunn, storyteller of old meets modern romance in "A Tribute To Love." His warm, sweet, endearing qualities surely win the ladies over, while his lighthearted, yet masculine approach to the topic of love and romance directly speaks to real men. Marc's skillful autoharp playing adds a beautiful ambience to the songs on this CD. Lyrically speaking he is poetry by candlelight on a breezy spring evening, lulling the listener into relaxation, then springing a bit of wit and humor to the collection with our favorites, "Froggie Went A-Courtin'," and "Tiziano Gunn," a whimsical tribute to felines. So, pick up a copy especially if you are feminine / feline, or are in love with one.
-Terri and the RadioIndy Team
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