Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"Carnival Ride" by Carrie Underwood (Country/Pop artist from Oklahoma (OK))

Carrie Underwood is back with soul and flare with her second studio release, "Carnival Ride." Contributing as co-writing of a few songs, Carrie seems to find her home as both singer and songwriter on this album. The upbeat, country-rock "Flat on the Floor" kicks this soundtrack off with attitude. "So Small" is an inspirational, heart-melting, fit-for-TV love ballad. Other mega-hits include the dreamy "Get Out of This Town" and the tear-inducing "You Won't Find This." Fans won't be let down by this lustrous collection. Carrie has succeeded in reproducing all of the trademarks that make fans adore her: attitude, heart, inspiration, and soaring vocal performances.
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy.com

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