Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"Somewhere In This Room" by Laura Pursell (Adult Contemporary artist from Los Angeles, California (CA))

"Somewhere In This Room" by Laura Pursell is an impressive musical journey. Mainly adult contemporary in style, this album ventures across genre boundaries and yields the potential to reach a wide audience. The CD features heart-felt vocals, masterful musicianship, and lyrics that covers the ups and downs of relationships. "Skywriting Neon Lights" steps into the limelight, revealing itself as extremely melodic and thereby memorable. Furthermore, its beautiful acoustic guitars and serene atmosphere is addictive. "When You Smile" emerges out of a special brew of jazz and Latin spices, producing a contagious groove. Moreover, the symphonic opening of the title-track, coupled with the majestic grand piano fuse to create a track that stands out. With top-notch production, "Somewhere In This Room" is a totally professional CD that is worthy of critical acclaim. (Xavier P.)

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