Friday, October 26, 2007

"Falling Awake" by Kirtana (New-Age/Easy-Listening artist from California (CA))

"Falling Awake" by musical veteran Kirtana is a refreshing, soul-pacifying collection of easy-listening/new-age tunes. "The Train Song" provides an excellent presentation of Kirtana's heart-felt vocal performances. Her soft, airy, and smooth timbre successfully passes on a mood of tranquility and peace. The piano-driven "Home" urges listeners to look within to find innocence, and to not define their self-worth by the words of another or even their own mood. Kirtana consistently treats listeners to motivational and spiritual lyrics that encourage healing and freedom from pain. Unencumbered production provides a perfect musical atmosphere for these songs, allowing Kirtana's angelic voice and the accompanying instruments to shine in their true beauty. If you enjoy inspirational, spiritual, new age, or easy-listening songs, "Falling Awake" should be at the top of your to-buy list!
-Xavier P. for

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Friday, October 12, 2007

"Success Songs Volume 1" by Success Media (Inspirational band from Los Angeles, California (CA))

On "Success Songs Volume 1," Success Media present songs filled with inspiration and upbeat good feeling music. This is an album that could truly get you ready to accomplish your goals for the day and the future. It's filled with motivating lyrics filled with positive energy. The musicianship, recording quality, and songwriting are all excellent. On "Its My Time," the powerful lyrics express that it's my time to do anything I want to do. Listening to this album is a great way to get the drive that you need to fulfill life's greatest pleasures. If you enjoy motivational lyrics and great music you will love this album, because it's the best of both worlds. Get your copy today and change your life!

-Josh B. and RadioIndy

Monday, October 8, 2007

"Taking Chances" by Celine Dion (Easy-Listening/Pop artist from Las Vegas, Nevada (NV))

After three years away from the English recording scene, Celine Dion is back with her first single, "Taking Chances," from her highly anticipated November 2007 release. This mid-tempo, highly melodic, inspirational, exploding-chorus single offers up all the signature elements that have proven to produce hits for Celine in her almost two-decade-long music career. Perhaps refreshingly, "Taking Chances" elevates to a strong modern-rock sound during its climax. Although many fans do not look favorably on this latest release (because it is not her song, but a cover of Platinum Weird's song), Celine tackles this sure-to-be hit with her trademark multi-octave, passionate vocals. This single carves a solid path, many would hope, for Celine to make the transition from her blockbuster Vegas show to the tour bus! Celine fans, look out for the release of her new LP hitting stores this November!
-Xavier P. and

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"I.O.U." by Soul J (Reggae/Easy-Listening/Spiritual artist from Ontario, Canada (CA))

"I.O.U." by the soulful Soul J offers a pleasant assembly of spiritual tunes spiced with R&B, reggae, soca, and easy-listening flavors. Soul J's voice rivals with this CD's compelling instrumentation for the number one spot on the list of best qualities. Soul J delivers impressive vocals that are stylistically diverse, sultry and soulful. "Saved By Grace" immerses itself in island zest, flaunting the cheerful sounds of native steel drums. Followed by the title-track, Soul J demonstrates her ability to shift vocal styles and tones effortlessly from reggae/soca styles to this easy-listening vibe. Moreover, the tunes on "I.O.U." deliver verse after verse of encouragement and inspiration through lyrics that focus on faith and biblical promises. Brought to a shiny finish with bright and balanced production, fans of Christian reggae, soca, and easy-listening will find great joy in Soul J's debut release!
-Xavier P. and

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

"Reflections" by John Paul Rudolph (Easy-Listening artist from Bloomington Peoria, Illinois (IL))

"Reflections" by the stunning vocalist John Paul Rudolph is a heart-warming reinvention of easy-listening and modern opera classics! Featuring break-through hits like "You Raise Me Up," John Paul does an excellent job at recreating timeless classics made popular by icons Josh Groban and Michael BublĂ©, and favorites from popular musicals such as Phantom of the Opera. With absolutely no hesitation, any listener can assert that John Paul's voice is the biggest commodity of "Reflections." His warm, soothing timbre, likened to the Broadway vibes of Josh Groban, radiates sincerity, passion, and timelessness. These songs required a very wide range and complete vocal and pitch control, all requirements that seem to come effortlessly to this extremely talented musician. What's more, "Reflections" is composed with articulate and masterful instrumentation – beautiful pianos take the main stage, accentuated by emotion-invoking string symphonies and acoustic arrangements. Wrapped up with solid professional production, "Reflections" comes across as the complete package. Fans of Broadway and musicals, as well as artists like Josh Groban, will fall head-over-heals for this inspiring release!
-Xavier P. and

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"Lifeboats" by Tom Lucas (Adult Contemporary/Rock artist from Virginia (VA))

Tom Lucas's "Lifeboats" will get fans of adult contemporary/rock up and moving to the groove! The musicianship on the CD, especially the piano work, is impressive. Opening with the energetic, piano-driven "History Makes It," listeners are quickly acquainted with Tom's unique and passionate timbre, and some electrifying electric solos! Aside from the compelling song structures and piano arrangements, "Lifeboats" houses songs with deep political and social commentary. "Do It Now" takes a more serious and solemn turn, garnering heavy emotional appeal from the provoking piano arrangement. Careful production wraps up this audio delight! Fans of Neil Young and the likes, be sure to pick up your copy of "Lifeboats" today!
-Xavier P. and

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"Salt Water" by Pat Killian (Acoustic/Easy-Listening artist from Long Island, New York (NY))

Pat Killian's "Salt Water" is an engaging eclectic collection of adult contemporary, acoustic, blues, and jazz tunes. Well-written, soul-searching lyrics grip listeners with a tight grasp. Pat opens the pages of his life for all to read on the compelling blues track entitled "Daddy's Blues." "Better Life" is another example of this CD's honest, heart-felt lyrics, tackling the internal struggle of making sense of the loss of loved ones. Comforting acoustic guitar arrangements accentuated by skillfully placed piano and light percussion give these songs a sound that is purely addictive. What's more, Pat's voice rings with a deep sense of serenity, emphasized by his smooth, emotional tone mixed with a delightful dose of oldies-vibe. Wrapping up this package is production that strikes an excellent balance between instrumentation and vocals. Fans of Gordon Lightfoot will accept Pat Killian with open arms!
-Xavier P. and

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"Weakness In A Man" by Mel Gibson (Blues/Easy-Listening artist from California (CA))

Mel Gibson's "Weakness In A Man" has it all! This concoction of blues and easy-listening tunes meld into one irresistible CD! Opening with the Elvis-reminiscent "Reconsider Baby," listeners are drawn in by the energetic, upbeat blues sounds of the band and Mel Gibson's classic, smooth vocal tone! Variety is a staple in "Weakness In A Man." Slowing things down are the beautiful and emotional ballads "If We Don't Use Love" and "Am I Ready." Moreover, the title-track stands out as a musically captivating composition, and reiterates Mel Gibson's gift for crafting lyrics that are heart-felt, sincere, and poetic. Hailing professional production, this new release should be on the shelves of every Elvis Presley or Engelbert Humperdinck fan! Pick up a copy today!
-Xavier P. and

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