Wednesday, September 5, 2007

"A Don't Hug Me Christmas Carol" by Phil & Paul Olson (Holiday/Easy-listening artists from Los Angeles, California (CA))

It's Christmas year-round with this comedic collection of original holiday carols! Phil & Paul Olson's "A Don't Hug Me Christmas Carol" will have listeners laughing nonstop with hilarious tunes like "Its Christmas Time So Please Give Me Some"! Musically, these tunes radiate a delightful easy-listening vibe and deliver a delightful variety of instrumentation, sounds, and arrangements. "I Love You More Than Football" shows off this duo's roll-on-the-floor funny lyrics and creative musical compositions. What's more, Phil and Paul's vocals are vibrant, full of personality, and fuse together to produce a dynamic twosome! Wrapped in beautiful production, this Christmas present is one that every holiday-addict should have! Fans of comedic holiday music will find laughter and endless entertainment in this hilarious CD!
-Xavier P. (for

"Faith In You" by Heaven Leigh (Spiritual/Easy-Listening artist from Colorado (CO))

Heaven Leigh's "Faith In You" is best described as a therapeutic assembly of spiritual masterpieces! Opening with the emotional and passionate title track, listeners are quickly introduced to Heaven's soothing, soulful vocals. Showing off a wide range of musical influences is the island-inspired "You Are Love," which opens with a stunning steel pan intro! One very memorable aspect of "Faith In You" is its powerful, uplifting, and faith-filled lyrical themes of divine hope, family, and romance. The heavenly ballads "Unbroken Spirits" and "Standing By Your Side" show off Heaven's well-crafted lyrics, and directs the spotlight to the beautiful and skillful instrumentation present throughout this entire CD. Placing the icing on the cake is production marked by clarity and balance! Fans of Rebecca St. James and even Celine Dion will find a spiritual connection to these heart-warming hits!
-Xavier P. (for

"Sleep In The Sea Tonight With Me" by Zayra Yves (Spoken Word/Easy-Listening artist from Silicon Valley Peninsula, California (CA))

"Sleep In The Sea Tonight With Me" by Zayra Yves is a sensual collection of modern poetry, set to the background of hypnotic and engaging compositions. One aspect of this CD that is both undeniable and irresistible is its thick emotional and visual atmosphere and dense mood. Zayra coveys messages of burning, flaming passion and desire for blissful love-making with lyrics that strike a beautiful balance between straight-forwardness and poetic abstraction and imagery. "I Want You" demonstrates the unmatchable passion and zeal Zayra puts into her vocals. "Eros and the Sea" paints beautiful imagery and is intensely intriguing with its creative analogies and delightful abstraction. What's more, the musical compositions of every song on this CD serve as the perfect accentuation and foundation for these stories of yearning and longing! Polished with graceful production, this CD is on fire! If you are searching for a poetic sensual journey, you will find your place in this CD!
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy

"Dark Corners" by Rick Rutti (Easy-Listening Artist from California (CA))

Venture into Rick Rutti's "Dark Corners" and you'll find an ear-pleasing collection of easy listening hits! Above all the amazing instrumentation and musical arrangements stands Rick's vibrant and powerful vocals. "The Next Pretty Face" shows off all aspects of Rick's skillful songwriting – memorable and relevant lyrics, catchy choruses, and great instrumental hooks. The harpsichord intro of "The Very Last Seat" is intense and mesmerizing, and sets the perfect mood for this emotional ballad. Furthermore, this song uses creative sounds that mirror its crafty lyrics. Throughout this entire CD, Rick displays great musical and vocal diversity, as demonstrated by the especially unforgettable, rock-infused "So Much for Words." Wrapping things up on "Dark Corners" is remarkable production that asserts the perfect tone and mood on every song! Followers of Elton John will enjoy this excellent CD!
-Xavier P. (for