Thursday, August 30, 2007

"I Whisper Your Name" by Silver (Easy Listening artist from Los Angeles, California (CA))

"I Whisper Your Name" by the talented and highly acclaimed Silver is a brilliant brew of easy-listening/pop tunes! Kicking off with the title-track, listeners are immediately introduced to Silver's attention-demanding, airy vocal tone. Picking up the pace a bit is the vibrant and groovy "Thinking of You", which introduces some irresistible percussion arrangements and catchy melodies. One major asset of "I Whisper Your Name" is its memorable and easy-to-sing-along-with lyrics – listeners will be singing along on the first listen! Moreover, the musicianship on this CD is first-class – everything from the striking grand piano of "Now You're Gone" to the stunning organs and bass lines of "Time Will Tell"! Fans of Olivia Newton John and Abba will love this audio masterpiece!
-Xavier P. and
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"Soul Retrieval" by Tony Vani and Debbie Hoskin (Adult Contemporary Artists from Canada (CA))

"Soul Retrieval" by Tony Vani and Debbie Hoskin is a refreshingly eclectic and inspiring album that spans various genres including adult contemporary and adult rock. Emerging out of bitter loss and tragedy, "Soul Retrieval" seeks to heal broken hearts and immortalize the memories of lost loved ones. This CD achieves these goals using heart-felt lyrics that venture into fond memories of the past and hopeful reunions of the future. Backed by skillful instrumentation, passionate vocals, and memorable melodies, these tunes take on a life of emotions that strikes at the hearts strings. "Shout It Right Out Loud" demonstrates the heavy emotional atmosphere these tunes carry, while flaunting beautiful three-part harmonies. Moreover, "Its So Hard" takes on a nice rock-edge that expresses the frustration of great loss. Polished to perfection with careful production, this CD is a must-have! Fans of inspirational pop, easy-listening, and adult rock will find healing and closure in this emotional collection.
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy

Sunday, August 5, 2007

"Come To Me" by Lisa Biales (Folk-Blues artist from Ohio (OH))

Lisa Biales latest folk-blues release, "Come To Me," is yet another declaration of her amazing artistic ability. One of the most captivating features of this CD is Lisa's attention-demanding vocals, characterized by passion and power. "So Many Things" embodies the 'so many things' that make this record appealing: catchy choruses, great instrumentation, and heart-felt, honest lyrics. "Carol of the Bells" elegantly recreates the choral classic with emotional sincerity and beauty only few covers can boast. What's more, Lisa shows us that she has no problem going a cappella in "Little Brother," asserting the beauty of her unaccompanied voice. Produced by some of the best in the business, this album is a must-have for fans of honest folk-blues/easy listening tunes!
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy

Friday, August 3, 2007

"Out of the Darkness" by Mike Marino & His Restless Soul (Modern Folk/Easy Listening artist from New Jersey (NJ))

"Out of the Darkness" by Mike Marino & His Restless Soul is a refreshing collection of modern folk/easy listening tunes. Opening with "Love the Good More Than You Hate the Bad" serves as the perfect gateway to the lyrical soul-searching found throughout the rest of the CD. Musically, "Out of the Darkness" is very appealing, hailing the use of beautiful organs, great guitar solos, and easy-sing-along melodies. "Here Today" shows off this great instrumentation, flaunting a rockin' guitar solo. Picking up the groove is the very memorable and adventurous southern rock tune "Twenty Too Late," which shows off Mike's musical diversity. Vocally, Mike is captivating and has somewhat of a oldies vibe that boasts cross-generational appeal! Sound production marked by clarity and precision puts the wraps on this audio package. Fans of country/folk rock will enjoy this work of art!
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy

"You Came Here for a Reason" by Sophie Carpenter (Easy-Listening artist from Missouri (MO))

Sophie Carpenter's "You Came Here For A Reason" is an inspiring collection of easy-listening tunes. Kicking off the blissful atmosphere of this record is the jazz-flavored "Hollywood," which immediately introduces listeners to Sophie's lovely voice! Simply beautiful is the best way to describe the vocals on this CD – Sophie's smooth, airy tone is comforting to hear. Moreover, one cannot help but feel totally inspired, motivated, and just plain happy after listening to the lyrics of these songs! "Hurts Just a Little" involves some amazing instrumentation that is contagious and hard to forget, like all the tracks on this CD. Furthermore, brilliant production helps these awesome tunes shine even brighter! Fans of adult contemporary music and beautiful vocals will find comfort and renewed joy from these delightful sounds!
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy

"Falling Down" by Menage a Deux's (Country Pop/Easy-Listening artists from Boulder Fort Collins, Colorado (CO))

Menage a Deux's strong debut album, "Falling Down," is a refreshing assembly of country pop/easy listening tunes. Kicking off with the passionate "Running from the Rain," Menage a Deux immediately shows one of their many strong influences: country music. Continuing this diversity is the Latin-flavored "Almost Feels Like Love." Throughout the changing musical flavors, one thing remains the same: strong, beautiful vocals. "Better Place" shows off these soothing vocals while demonstrating the masterful instrumentation present on every track. Lyrically, "Falling Down" is very inspiring, focusing mainly on deep, genuine love and introspection. Moreover, this record flaunts outstanding production characterized by clarity and quality. If you enjoy pop that bears a wide range of influences, you'll fall head-over-heals for Menage a Deux!
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy

"The Roads You Take" by Sean Deegan (Easy-Listening/Acoustic artist from Southwest England (UK))

Sean Deegan's solo debut album entitled "The Roads You Take" is a dreamy collection of easy listening/acoustic pop masterpieces! Upon first listen, Sean's unique tone jumps out above the musical compositions and successfully pulls listeners into his lyrical melodies. The emotional ballad "Find Your Way" best demonstrates Sean's uplifting lyrics, captivating vocals, and delightful harmonies. Moreover, the skilled production of "The Roads You Take" turns Sean's clever songwriting into audio works of art! If you enjoy the sounds of the Bee Gees, The Beatles and SImon & Garfunkel, this album is made just for you!
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy
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"Without Love (There is Nothing)" by Donald Robinson (Easy-Listening/Blues artist from Las Vegas, Nevada (NV))

Donald Robinson's CD single "Without Love (There is Nothing)" is a pleasantly refreshing blues/easy-listening tune. Donald exudes a rare sense of passion and sincerity, giving listeners the feeling that they are being endowed with great wisdom through the timeless theme of this song. "I had conquered the world and what then do I have…Without love, I have nothing at all" best sums up the inspirational message of this song. A mixture of Donald's smooth tone, great instrumentation, skillful songwriting and solid production makes this single soothing to the ears. Fans of Ray Charles will find comfort in this memorable tune.
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy