Thursday, July 19, 2007

"The Greater Good Movement" by Corey Webb (Adult Rock/Folk artist from South Charlestown, South Carolina (SC))

Warning: The creativity and musicianship on this CD will blow you away. Pick up a copy today! "The Greater Good Movement" is a very creative and impressive singer/songwriter CD. The songwriting on this CD strikes a nice balance of being original with changing styles, while being melodic with interesting counter melodies. The production and musicianship are pro quality, with the guitar work being especially noteworthy. Some of the songs and lyrics have a theatrical flavor to them. One of our favorite tracks is "Huckleberry Me," with its Flamenco/latin-style guitar riffs nicely welded into an adult rock song. The CD even includes a more folk-traditional banjo song with "Leh Naih." "Wonderful Again" has the elements of an adult rock hit, with a very memorable chorus. If you enjoy singer/songwriter adult rock/pop artists such as Jason Mraz, you will enjoy this CD. Pick up a copy today.

"The Open Road" by Molly Magdalain (Adult Rock/Modern Folk artist from New York, New York (NY))

"The Open Road" is an impressive adult rock/modern folk CD that highlights Molly's excellent songwriting. If you enjoy adult rock/acoustic artists such as Shawn Colvin and Sarah McLachlan, you will enjoy this CD. The production and musicianship are top notch. Molly's vocals are effective and emotional. There are many memorable tracks on this CD. The rhythmic piano/bass/percussion groove in "Why (What Do You Think)" sounds great and will get your body moving. "Behind the Way" has all the elements of an adult rock hit, including a hook-filled chorus. The CD ends with 2 powerful, emotional tracks: "When We Get Old" and "Moving On". After listening to this CD, you will conclude that in the world of female adult rock artists, Molly Magdalain is an artist to watch. Pick up a copy today and help Molly reach the music industry success she deserves!

"Same As Yesterday" by David King (Adult Contemporary/Rock Arist from Selma, California (CA))

David King's "Same As Yesterday" is an impressive collection of adult rock and adult contemporary songs. The production is clear and the band is tight. The CD is highly entertaining and has a very optimistic spirit. King's songwriting is laden with catchy phrases and remarkable hooks that make for a memorable musical experience. The CD kicks off with "The One," which has a powerful chorus, with strong harmonies. The bass and drums in "Forever's Over Now" align like train tracks to guide the arrangement of tightly executed harmonies, melodies, and guitar riffs. The CD is strong throughout, with deep tracks like "Same as Yesterday" providing strong upbeat grooves, and catchy harmony-filled choruses. The CD ends with the beautiful adult contemporary piano song "Carrie Ann." If you enjoy adult rock music, you will enjoy this CD. Pick up a copy today!

"The Songs I Sing" by Christina Dellea (Adult Contemporary Artist from Hillsdale New York (NY))

"The Songs I Sing" is a CD that highligths christina's balanced and calming voice in a collection of adult contemporary songs. Her vocals are particularly notable on her song "So Long" and her harmonies in "All My Life." Accompanied by strings and piano, her voice embodies a sonorous essence. The lyrics are beautifully tender as if the relationship she sings of is a delicate feather slowly rocking back and forth on a cushion of air till it gently rests on the ground. The Songs I Sing is a pleasing collection of remarkable tunes you can enjoy time and time again. If yo enjoy adult contemporary artists such as Carly Simon, you will enjoy this CD. Pick up a copy today!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

"Today Is Yesterday Was" by Christopher K. G. Hagadone (Instrumental/Easy Listening Artist from Salt Lake City, Utah (UT))

Today Is Yesterday Was is an entertaining CD of mainly instrumental keyboard/synthesizer based songs from a talented musician, Christopher K. G. Hagadone. The keyboard sounds/effects on the CD are very creative. Christopher mixes in rap-style syncopated spoken vocals to further convey his generally uplifting message. There is a lot of music on this CD, making it a really good value. Notable tracks include Direction and Uplift with their uplifting music and message and excellent groove. Intermixed on the CD are more orchestral tracks such as A Lullaby and Awake! If you enjoy bands, you will enjoy this CD. Pick up a copy today!

"Anything I Can" by Michael Stevens (Folk/Easy Listening Artist from Pennsylvania (PA))

"Anything I Can" is a CD full of heartfelt songs that tell stories about life and love. The production is very clean and allows the lyrics to cut through the music. Most of the tracks, such as Gotta Find Time, are story-telling folk music, with some tracks, such as The Mirror is Getting Older and 27 Shades of Black, being a more easy-listening style with an alternative music influence. Michael's vocal style has a retro 60s folk/easy-listening feel to it. Tracks such as 27 Shades of Black, have memorable choruses and clever lyrics. If you enjoy singer-songwriter folk artists such as Simon and Garfunkel, you'll enjoy this CD. Pick up a copy today! Staff
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Saturday, July 7, 2007

"Hydra" by Giovanni Mandala (Adult Contemporary Artist from San Franciso, California (CA))

Giovanni Mandala's solo debut entitled "Hydra" is an enlightening collection of adult alternative compositions. Looking deep within the soul, "Hydra" takes listeners on a pleasing quest for inner peace and second chances. A lyrical concoction of life experiences, personal reflections and heart-felt love stories make this CD emotionally and spiritually gratifying. Furthermore, catchy electric guitar riffs and an overall tight band sound provide the perfect musical medium though which Giovanni's inspirational tales are best told. "Fantasy" stands out as vocally superior, flaunting Giovanni's soulful voice and memorable melodies. Perhaps the most appealing quality of "Hydra" is its continual change of atmosphere. No two songs bear resemblance of each other, nor share the same theme or mood – a remarkable achievement. Moreover, industry-standard production marked by clarity and balance is the cherry-on-the-top of this package! Followers of Rob Thomas, Goo Goo Dolls, and LifeHouse will find ten new adult rock anthems in this clever collection!
-Xavier P. (for RadioIndy)

Monday, July 2, 2007

"Songs of Love, Fairytales and Dreams of Peace" by Fergie Mcelligott (Adult Contemporary Artist from Denmark (DK))

"Songs of Love, Fairytales and Dreams of Peace" by Fergie Mcelligott is a collection of generally optimistic country pop and adult contemporary tracks that will put a smile on your face! Opening with "Alison's Song," Fergie wastes no time in passing on his memorable melodies and instrumental hooks. Beautiful piano, string, and guitar arrangements are the staples of this CD, mixing together to produce graceful sounds. "Smile for me Baby" grabs the spotlight with its passion-filled lyrics and an unforgettable chorus. Furthermore, Fergie demonstrates great diversity on this record, mastering slow ballads with extraordinary fervor, while driving home fast-paced country pop anthems like "Outlaw" with high energy. Needless to say, the production of "Songs of Love" finds a perfect balance, allowing Fergie's beautifully-toned voice to take the main stage. Lovers of country pop and adult contemporary will find a home for each and every one of these tunes not only in their stereos, but in their hearts as well!
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy