Monday, April 9, 2007

"Scarlet Sundance" by Peripheral Bliss

  "Scarlet Sundance" is an ambient CD with tranquil, flowing tracks. The strength in the CD lies in the many keyboard/synthesizer sounds layered on top of each other and transitioning between each other to create tracks that gradually progress and change to create a beautiful and imaginative soundscape. Close your eyes and listen to these tracks and feel yourself floating into the sky. The tracks on this CD are excellent as background music as you go through your daily tasks, if you want to get inspired, or if you want to relax. Our favorite track is the title track, with its interesting instrumentation changes including memorable bass loops, guitar loops, and percussive work. If you enjoy ambient music, or are looking for backing music as you perform your daily activities, then check out this CD. Pick up a copy today!
 - Review by RadioIndy staff
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