Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"Carnival Ride" by Carrie Underwood (Country/Pop artist from Oklahoma (OK))

Carrie Underwood is back with soul and flare with her second studio release, "Carnival Ride." Contributing as co-writing of a few songs, Carrie seems to find her home as both singer and songwriter on this album. The upbeat, country-rock "Flat on the Floor" kicks this soundtrack off with attitude. "So Small" is an inspirational, heart-melting, fit-for-TV love ballad. Other mega-hits include the dreamy "Get Out of This Town" and the tear-inducing "You Won't Find This." Fans won't be let down by this lustrous collection. Carrie has succeeded in reproducing all of the trademarks that make fans adore her: attitude, heart, inspiration, and soaring vocal performances.
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy.com

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"Somewhere In This Room" by Laura Pursell (Adult Contemporary artist from Los Angeles, California (CA))

"Somewhere In This Room" by Laura Pursell is an impressive musical journey. Mainly adult contemporary in style, this album ventures across genre boundaries and yields the potential to reach a wide audience. The CD features heart-felt vocals, masterful musicianship, and lyrics that covers the ups and downs of relationships. "Skywriting Neon Lights" steps into the limelight, revealing itself as extremely melodic and thereby memorable. Furthermore, its beautiful acoustic guitars and serene atmosphere is addictive. "When You Smile" emerges out of a special brew of jazz and Latin spices, producing a contagious groove. Moreover, the symphonic opening of the title-track, coupled with the majestic grand piano fuse to create a track that stands out. With top-notch production, "Somewhere In This Room" is a totally professional CD that is worthy of critical acclaim.
-RadioIndy.com (Xavier P.)

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Friday, October 26, 2007

"Falling Awake" by Kirtana (New-Age/Easy-Listening artist from California (CA))

"Falling Awake" by musical veteran Kirtana is a refreshing, soul-pacifying collection of easy-listening/new-age tunes. "The Train Song" provides an excellent presentation of Kirtana's heart-felt vocal performances. Her soft, airy, and smooth timbre successfully passes on a mood of tranquility and peace. The piano-driven "Home" urges listeners to look within to find innocence, and to not define their self-worth by the words of another or even their own mood. Kirtana consistently treats listeners to motivational and spiritual lyrics that encourage healing and freedom from pain. Unencumbered production provides a perfect musical atmosphere for these songs, allowing Kirtana's angelic voice and the accompanying instruments to shine in their true beauty. If you enjoy inspirational, spiritual, new age, or easy-listening songs, "Falling Awake" should be at the top of your to-buy list!
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy.com

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Friday, October 12, 2007

"Success Songs Volume 1" by Success Media (Inspirational band from Los Angeles, California (CA))

On "Success Songs Volume 1," Success Media present songs filled with inspiration and upbeat good feeling music. This is an album that could truly get you ready to accomplish your goals for the day and the future. It's filled with motivating lyrics filled with positive energy. The musicianship, recording quality, and songwriting are all excellent. On "Its My Time," the powerful lyrics express that it's my time to do anything I want to do. Listening to this album is a great way to get the drive that you need to fulfill life's greatest pleasures. If you enjoy motivational lyrics and great music you will love this album, because it's the best of both worlds. Get your copy today and change your life!

-Josh B. and RadioIndy

Monday, October 8, 2007

"Taking Chances" by Celine Dion (Easy-Listening/Pop artist from Las Vegas, Nevada (NV))

After three years away from the English recording scene, Celine Dion is back with her first single, "Taking Chances," from her highly anticipated November 2007 release. This mid-tempo, highly melodic, inspirational, exploding-chorus single offers up all the signature elements that have proven to produce hits for Celine in her almost two-decade-long music career. Perhaps refreshingly, "Taking Chances" elevates to a strong modern-rock sound during its climax. Although many fans do not look favorably on this latest release (because it is not her song, but a cover of Platinum Weird's song), Celine tackles this sure-to-be hit with her trademark multi-octave, passionate vocals. This single carves a solid path, many would hope, for Celine to make the transition from her blockbuster Vegas show to the tour bus! Celine fans, look out for the release of her new LP hitting stores this November!
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy.com

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"I.O.U." by Soul J (Reggae/Easy-Listening/Spiritual artist from Ontario, Canada (CA))

"I.O.U." by the soulful Soul J offers a pleasant assembly of spiritual tunes spiced with R&B, reggae, soca, and easy-listening flavors. Soul J's voice rivals with this CD's compelling instrumentation for the number one spot on the list of best qualities. Soul J delivers impressive vocals that are stylistically diverse, sultry and soulful. "Saved By Grace" immerses itself in island zest, flaunting the cheerful sounds of native steel drums. Followed by the title-track, Soul J demonstrates her ability to shift vocal styles and tones effortlessly from reggae/soca styles to this easy-listening vibe. Moreover, the tunes on "I.O.U." deliver verse after verse of encouragement and inspiration through lyrics that focus on faith and biblical promises. Brought to a shiny finish with bright and balanced production, fans of Christian reggae, soca, and easy-listening will find great joy in Soul J's debut release!
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy.com

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

"Reflections" by John Paul Rudolph (Easy-Listening artist from Bloomington Peoria, Illinois (IL))

"Reflections" by the stunning vocalist John Paul Rudolph is a heart-warming reinvention of easy-listening and modern opera classics! Featuring break-through hits like "You Raise Me Up," John Paul does an excellent job at recreating timeless classics made popular by icons Josh Groban and Michael Bublé, and favorites from popular musicals such as Phantom of the Opera. With absolutely no hesitation, any listener can assert that John Paul's voice is the biggest commodity of "Reflections." His warm, soothing timbre, likened to the Broadway vibes of Josh Groban, radiates sincerity, passion, and timelessness. These songs required a very wide range and complete vocal and pitch control, all requirements that seem to come effortlessly to this extremely talented musician. What's more, "Reflections" is composed with articulate and masterful instrumentation – beautiful pianos take the main stage, accentuated by emotion-invoking string symphonies and acoustic arrangements. Wrapped up with solid professional production, "Reflections" comes across as the complete package. Fans of Broadway and musicals, as well as artists like Josh Groban, will fall head-over-heals for this inspiring release!
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy.com

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"Lifeboats" by Tom Lucas (Adult Contemporary/Rock artist from Virginia (VA))

Tom Lucas's "Lifeboats" will get fans of adult contemporary/rock up and moving to the groove! The musicianship on the CD, especially the piano work, is impressive. Opening with the energetic, piano-driven "History Makes It," listeners are quickly acquainted with Tom's unique and passionate timbre, and some electrifying electric solos! Aside from the compelling song structures and piano arrangements, "Lifeboats" houses songs with deep political and social commentary. "Do It Now" takes a more serious and solemn turn, garnering heavy emotional appeal from the provoking piano arrangement. Careful production wraps up this audio delight! Fans of Neil Young and the likes, be sure to pick up your copy of "Lifeboats" today!
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy.com

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"Salt Water" by Pat Killian (Acoustic/Easy-Listening artist from Long Island, New York (NY))

Pat Killian's "Salt Water" is an engaging eclectic collection of adult contemporary, acoustic, blues, and jazz tunes. Well-written, soul-searching lyrics grip listeners with a tight grasp. Pat opens the pages of his life for all to read on the compelling blues track entitled "Daddy's Blues." "Better Life" is another example of this CD's honest, heart-felt lyrics, tackling the internal struggle of making sense of the loss of loved ones. Comforting acoustic guitar arrangements accentuated by skillfully placed piano and light percussion give these songs a sound that is purely addictive. What's more, Pat's voice rings with a deep sense of serenity, emphasized by his smooth, emotional tone mixed with a delightful dose of oldies-vibe. Wrapping up this package is production that strikes an excellent balance between instrumentation and vocals. Fans of Gordon Lightfoot will accept Pat Killian with open arms!
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy.com

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"Weakness In A Man" by Mel Gibson (Blues/Easy-Listening artist from California (CA))

Mel Gibson's "Weakness In A Man" has it all! This concoction of blues and easy-listening tunes meld into one irresistible CD! Opening with the Elvis-reminiscent "Reconsider Baby," listeners are drawn in by the energetic, upbeat blues sounds of the band and Mel Gibson's classic, smooth vocal tone! Variety is a staple in "Weakness In A Man." Slowing things down are the beautiful and emotional ballads "If We Don't Use Love" and "Am I Ready." Moreover, the title-track stands out as a musically captivating composition, and reiterates Mel Gibson's gift for crafting lyrics that are heart-felt, sincere, and poetic. Hailing professional production, this new release should be on the shelves of every Elvis Presley or Engelbert Humperdinck fan! Pick up a copy today!
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy.com

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

"A Don't Hug Me Christmas Carol" by Phil & Paul Olson (Holiday/Easy-listening artists from Los Angeles, California (CA))

It's Christmas year-round with this comedic collection of original holiday carols! Phil & Paul Olson's "A Don't Hug Me Christmas Carol" will have listeners laughing nonstop with hilarious tunes like "Its Christmas Time So Please Give Me Some"! Musically, these tunes radiate a delightful easy-listening vibe and deliver a delightful variety of instrumentation, sounds, and arrangements. "I Love You More Than Football" shows off this duo's roll-on-the-floor funny lyrics and creative musical compositions. What's more, Phil and Paul's vocals are vibrant, full of personality, and fuse together to produce a dynamic twosome! Wrapped in beautiful production, this Christmas present is one that every holiday-addict should have! Fans of comedic holiday music will find laughter and endless entertainment in this hilarious CD!
-Xavier P. (for RadioIndy.com)

"Faith In You" by Heaven Leigh (Spiritual/Easy-Listening artist from Colorado (CO))

Heaven Leigh's "Faith In You" is best described as a therapeutic assembly of spiritual masterpieces! Opening with the emotional and passionate title track, listeners are quickly introduced to Heaven's soothing, soulful vocals. Showing off a wide range of musical influences is the island-inspired "You Are Love," which opens with a stunning steel pan intro! One very memorable aspect of "Faith In You" is its powerful, uplifting, and faith-filled lyrical themes of divine hope, family, and romance. The heavenly ballads "Unbroken Spirits" and "Standing By Your Side" show off Heaven's well-crafted lyrics, and directs the spotlight to the beautiful and skillful instrumentation present throughout this entire CD. Placing the icing on the cake is production marked by clarity and balance! Fans of Rebecca St. James and even Celine Dion will find a spiritual connection to these heart-warming hits!
-Xavier P. (for RadioIndy.com)

"Sleep In The Sea Tonight With Me" by Zayra Yves (Spoken Word/Easy-Listening artist from Silicon Valley Peninsula, California (CA))

"Sleep In The Sea Tonight With Me" by Zayra Yves is a sensual collection of modern poetry, set to the background of hypnotic and engaging compositions. One aspect of this CD that is both undeniable and irresistible is its thick emotional and visual atmosphere and dense mood. Zayra coveys messages of burning, flaming passion and desire for blissful love-making with lyrics that strike a beautiful balance between straight-forwardness and poetic abstraction and imagery. "I Want You" demonstrates the unmatchable passion and zeal Zayra puts into her vocals. "Eros and the Sea" paints beautiful imagery and is intensely intriguing with its creative analogies and delightful abstraction. What's more, the musical compositions of every song on this CD serve as the perfect accentuation and foundation for these stories of yearning and longing! Polished with graceful production, this CD is on fire! If you are searching for a poetic sensual journey, you will find your place in this CD!
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy

"Dark Corners" by Rick Rutti (Easy-Listening Artist from California (CA))

Venture into Rick Rutti's "Dark Corners" and you'll find an ear-pleasing collection of easy listening hits! Above all the amazing instrumentation and musical arrangements stands Rick's vibrant and powerful vocals. "The Next Pretty Face" shows off all aspects of Rick's skillful songwriting – memorable and relevant lyrics, catchy choruses, and great instrumental hooks. The harpsichord intro of "The Very Last Seat" is intense and mesmerizing, and sets the perfect mood for this emotional ballad. Furthermore, this song uses creative sounds that mirror its crafty lyrics. Throughout this entire CD, Rick displays great musical and vocal diversity, as demonstrated by the especially unforgettable, rock-infused "So Much for Words." Wrapping things up on "Dark Corners" is remarkable production that asserts the perfect tone and mood on every song! Followers of Elton John will enjoy this excellent CD!
-Xavier P. (for RadioIndy.com)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

"I Whisper Your Name" by Silver (Easy Listening artist from Los Angeles, California (CA))

"I Whisper Your Name" by the talented and highly acclaimed Silver is a brilliant brew of easy-listening/pop tunes! Kicking off with the title-track, listeners are immediately introduced to Silver's attention-demanding, airy vocal tone. Picking up the pace a bit is the vibrant and groovy "Thinking of You", which introduces some irresistible percussion arrangements and catchy melodies. One major asset of "I Whisper Your Name" is its memorable and easy-to-sing-along-with lyrics – listeners will be singing along on the first listen! Moreover, the musicianship on this CD is first-class – everything from the striking grand piano of "Now You're Gone" to the stunning organs and bass lines of "Time Will Tell"! Fans of Olivia Newton John and Abba will love this audio masterpiece!
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy.com
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"Soul Retrieval" by Tony Vani and Debbie Hoskin (Adult Contemporary Artists from Canada (CA))

"Soul Retrieval" by Tony Vani and Debbie Hoskin is a refreshingly eclectic and inspiring album that spans various genres including adult contemporary and adult rock. Emerging out of bitter loss and tragedy, "Soul Retrieval" seeks to heal broken hearts and immortalize the memories of lost loved ones. This CD achieves these goals using heart-felt lyrics that venture into fond memories of the past and hopeful reunions of the future. Backed by skillful instrumentation, passionate vocals, and memorable melodies, these tunes take on a life of emotions that strikes at the hearts strings. "Shout It Right Out Loud" demonstrates the heavy emotional atmosphere these tunes carry, while flaunting beautiful three-part harmonies. Moreover, "Its So Hard" takes on a nice rock-edge that expresses the frustration of great loss. Polished to perfection with careful production, this CD is a must-have! Fans of inspirational pop, easy-listening, and adult rock will find healing and closure in this emotional collection.
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy

Sunday, August 5, 2007

"Come To Me" by Lisa Biales (Folk-Blues artist from Ohio (OH))

Lisa Biales latest folk-blues release, "Come To Me," is yet another declaration of her amazing artistic ability. One of the most captivating features of this CD is Lisa's attention-demanding vocals, characterized by passion and power. "So Many Things" embodies the 'so many things' that make this record appealing: catchy choruses, great instrumentation, and heart-felt, honest lyrics. "Carol of the Bells" elegantly recreates the choral classic with emotional sincerity and beauty only few covers can boast. What's more, Lisa shows us that she has no problem going a cappella in "Little Brother," asserting the beauty of her unaccompanied voice. Produced by some of the best in the business, this album is a must-have for fans of honest folk-blues/easy listening tunes!
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy

Friday, August 3, 2007

"Out of the Darkness" by Mike Marino & His Restless Soul (Modern Folk/Easy Listening artist from New Jersey (NJ))

"Out of the Darkness" by Mike Marino & His Restless Soul is a refreshing collection of modern folk/easy listening tunes. Opening with "Love the Good More Than You Hate the Bad" serves as the perfect gateway to the lyrical soul-searching found throughout the rest of the CD. Musically, "Out of the Darkness" is very appealing, hailing the use of beautiful organs, great guitar solos, and easy-sing-along melodies. "Here Today" shows off this great instrumentation, flaunting a rockin' guitar solo. Picking up the groove is the very memorable and adventurous southern rock tune "Twenty Too Late," which shows off Mike's musical diversity. Vocally, Mike is captivating and has somewhat of a oldies vibe that boasts cross-generational appeal! Sound production marked by clarity and precision puts the wraps on this audio package. Fans of country/folk rock will enjoy this work of art!
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy

"You Came Here for a Reason" by Sophie Carpenter (Easy-Listening artist from Missouri (MO))

Sophie Carpenter's "You Came Here For A Reason" is an inspiring collection of easy-listening tunes. Kicking off the blissful atmosphere of this record is the jazz-flavored "Hollywood," which immediately introduces listeners to Sophie's lovely voice! Simply beautiful is the best way to describe the vocals on this CD – Sophie's smooth, airy tone is comforting to hear. Moreover, one cannot help but feel totally inspired, motivated, and just plain happy after listening to the lyrics of these songs! "Hurts Just a Little" involves some amazing instrumentation that is contagious and hard to forget, like all the tracks on this CD. Furthermore, brilliant production helps these awesome tunes shine even brighter! Fans of adult contemporary music and beautiful vocals will find comfort and renewed joy from these delightful sounds!
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy

"Falling Down" by Menage a Deux's (Country Pop/Easy-Listening artists from Boulder Fort Collins, Colorado (CO))

Menage a Deux's strong debut album, "Falling Down," is a refreshing assembly of country pop/easy listening tunes. Kicking off with the passionate "Running from the Rain," Menage a Deux immediately shows one of their many strong influences: country music. Continuing this diversity is the Latin-flavored "Almost Feels Like Love." Throughout the changing musical flavors, one thing remains the same: strong, beautiful vocals. "Better Place" shows off these soothing vocals while demonstrating the masterful instrumentation present on every track. Lyrically, "Falling Down" is very inspiring, focusing mainly on deep, genuine love and introspection. Moreover, this record flaunts outstanding production characterized by clarity and quality. If you enjoy pop that bears a wide range of influences, you'll fall head-over-heals for Menage a Deux!
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy

"The Roads You Take" by Sean Deegan (Easy-Listening/Acoustic artist from Southwest England (UK))

Sean Deegan's solo debut album entitled "The Roads You Take" is a dreamy collection of easy listening/acoustic pop masterpieces! Upon first listen, Sean's unique tone jumps out above the musical compositions and successfully pulls listeners into his lyrical melodies. The emotional ballad "Find Your Way" best demonstrates Sean's uplifting lyrics, captivating vocals, and delightful harmonies. Moreover, the skilled production of "The Roads You Take" turns Sean's clever songwriting into audio works of art! If you enjoy the sounds of the Bee Gees, The Beatles and SImon & Garfunkel, this album is made just for you!
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy
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"Without Love (There is Nothing)" by Donald Robinson (Easy-Listening/Blues artist from Las Vegas, Nevada (NV))

Donald Robinson's CD single "Without Love (There is Nothing)" is a pleasantly refreshing blues/easy-listening tune. Donald exudes a rare sense of passion and sincerity, giving listeners the feeling that they are being endowed with great wisdom through the timeless theme of this song. "I had conquered the world and what then do I have…Without love, I have nothing at all" best sums up the inspirational message of this song. A mixture of Donald's smooth tone, great instrumentation, skillful songwriting and solid production makes this single soothing to the ears. Fans of Ray Charles will find comfort in this memorable tune.
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy

Thursday, July 19, 2007

"The Greater Good Movement" by Corey Webb (Adult Rock/Folk artist from South Charlestown, South Carolina (SC))

Warning: The creativity and musicianship on this CD will blow you away. Pick up a copy today! "The Greater Good Movement" is a very creative and impressive singer/songwriter CD. The songwriting on this CD strikes a nice balance of being original with changing styles, while being melodic with interesting counter melodies. The production and musicianship are pro quality, with the guitar work being especially noteworthy. Some of the songs and lyrics have a theatrical flavor to them. One of our favorite tracks is "Huckleberry Me," with its Flamenco/latin-style guitar riffs nicely welded into an adult rock song. The CD even includes a more folk-traditional banjo song with "Leh Naih." "Wonderful Again" has the elements of an adult rock hit, with a very memorable chorus. If you enjoy singer/songwriter adult rock/pop artists such as Jason Mraz, you will enjoy this CD. Pick up a copy today.

"The Open Road" by Molly Magdalain (Adult Rock/Modern Folk artist from New York, New York (NY))

"The Open Road" is an impressive adult rock/modern folk CD that highlights Molly's excellent songwriting. If you enjoy adult rock/acoustic artists such as Shawn Colvin and Sarah McLachlan, you will enjoy this CD. The production and musicianship are top notch. Molly's vocals are effective and emotional. There are many memorable tracks on this CD. The rhythmic piano/bass/percussion groove in "Why (What Do You Think)" sounds great and will get your body moving. "Behind the Way" has all the elements of an adult rock hit, including a hook-filled chorus. The CD ends with 2 powerful, emotional tracks: "When We Get Old" and "Moving On". After listening to this CD, you will conclude that in the world of female adult rock artists, Molly Magdalain is an artist to watch. Pick up a copy today and help Molly reach the music industry success she deserves!

"Same As Yesterday" by David King (Adult Contemporary/Rock Arist from Selma, California (CA))

David King's "Same As Yesterday" is an impressive collection of adult rock and adult contemporary songs. The production is clear and the band is tight. The CD is highly entertaining and has a very optimistic spirit. King's songwriting is laden with catchy phrases and remarkable hooks that make for a memorable musical experience. The CD kicks off with "The One," which has a powerful chorus, with strong harmonies. The bass and drums in "Forever's Over Now" align like train tracks to guide the arrangement of tightly executed harmonies, melodies, and guitar riffs. The CD is strong throughout, with deep tracks like "Same as Yesterday" providing strong upbeat grooves, and catchy harmony-filled choruses. The CD ends with the beautiful adult contemporary piano song "Carrie Ann." If you enjoy adult rock music, you will enjoy this CD. Pick up a copy today!

"The Songs I Sing" by Christina Dellea (Adult Contemporary Artist from Hillsdale New York (NY))

"The Songs I Sing" is a CD that highligths christina's balanced and calming voice in a collection of adult contemporary songs. Her vocals are particularly notable on her song "So Long" and her harmonies in "All My Life." Accompanied by strings and piano, her voice embodies a sonorous essence. The lyrics are beautifully tender as if the relationship she sings of is a delicate feather slowly rocking back and forth on a cushion of air till it gently rests on the ground. The Songs I Sing is a pleasing collection of remarkable tunes you can enjoy time and time again. If yo enjoy adult contemporary artists such as Carly Simon, you will enjoy this CD. Pick up a copy today!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

"Today Is Yesterday Was" by Christopher K. G. Hagadone (Instrumental/Easy Listening Artist from Salt Lake City, Utah (UT))

Today Is Yesterday Was is an entertaining CD of mainly instrumental keyboard/synthesizer based songs from a talented musician, Christopher K. G. Hagadone. The keyboard sounds/effects on the CD are very creative. Christopher mixes in rap-style syncopated spoken vocals to further convey his generally uplifting message. There is a lot of music on this CD, making it a really good value. Notable tracks include Direction and Uplift with their uplifting music and message and excellent groove. Intermixed on the CD are more orchestral tracks such as A Lullaby and Awake! If you enjoy bands, you will enjoy this CD. Pick up a copy today!

"Anything I Can" by Michael Stevens (Folk/Easy Listening Artist from Pennsylvania (PA))

"Anything I Can" is a CD full of heartfelt songs that tell stories about life and love. The production is very clean and allows the lyrics to cut through the music. Most of the tracks, such as Gotta Find Time, are story-telling folk music, with some tracks, such as The Mirror is Getting Older and 27 Shades of Black, being a more easy-listening style with an alternative music influence. Michael's vocal style has a retro 60s folk/easy-listening feel to it. Tracks such as 27 Shades of Black, have memorable choruses and clever lyrics. If you enjoy singer-songwriter folk artists such as Simon and Garfunkel, you'll enjoy this CD. Pick up a copy today!
-RadioIndy.com Staff
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Saturday, July 7, 2007

"Hydra" by Giovanni Mandala (Adult Contemporary Artist from San Franciso, California (CA))

Giovanni Mandala's solo debut entitled "Hydra" is an enlightening collection of adult alternative compositions. Looking deep within the soul, "Hydra" takes listeners on a pleasing quest for inner peace and second chances. A lyrical concoction of life experiences, personal reflections and heart-felt love stories make this CD emotionally and spiritually gratifying. Furthermore, catchy electric guitar riffs and an overall tight band sound provide the perfect musical medium though which Giovanni's inspirational tales are best told. "Fantasy" stands out as vocally superior, flaunting Giovanni's soulful voice and memorable melodies. Perhaps the most appealing quality of "Hydra" is its continual change of atmosphere. No two songs bear resemblance of each other, nor share the same theme or mood – a remarkable achievement. Moreover, industry-standard production marked by clarity and balance is the cherry-on-the-top of this package! Followers of Rob Thomas, Goo Goo Dolls, and LifeHouse will find ten new adult rock anthems in this clever collection!
-Xavier P. (for RadioIndy)

Monday, July 2, 2007

"Songs of Love, Fairytales and Dreams of Peace" by Fergie Mcelligott (Adult Contemporary Artist from Denmark (DK))

"Songs of Love, Fairytales and Dreams of Peace" by Fergie Mcelligott is a collection of generally optimistic country pop and adult contemporary tracks that will put a smile on your face! Opening with "Alison's Song," Fergie wastes no time in passing on his memorable melodies and instrumental hooks. Beautiful piano, string, and guitar arrangements are the staples of this CD, mixing together to produce graceful sounds. "Smile for me Baby" grabs the spotlight with its passion-filled lyrics and an unforgettable chorus. Furthermore, Fergie demonstrates great diversity on this record, mastering slow ballads with extraordinary fervor, while driving home fast-paced country pop anthems like "Outlaw" with high energy. Needless to say, the production of "Songs of Love" finds a perfect balance, allowing Fergie's beautifully-toned voice to take the main stage. Lovers of country pop and adult contemporary will find a home for each and every one of these tunes not only in their stereos, but in their hearts as well!
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"Roadside Revelations" by Sage Gentle-Wing (Adult Contemporary Artist from Pheonix, Arizona (AZ))

Singer/songwriter Sage Gentle-Wing takes us on a musical roadtrip traversing time, space, and culture in his new CD "Roadside Revelations". A multi-talented musician and songwriter, Sage Gentle-Wing writes from deep life experience through a musical style that incorporates elements of classic 60's rock, jazz, pop, and Eastern music. The result is a one-of-a-kind musical experience which invites the listener to reflect and be refreshed. Every song on this album has a unique style and rhythmic feel. Sage's guitar-playing is excellent and really shines in songs like "Faerie Magick" and the captivating "When We Choose Love". The song "Gamay Beaujolais" is our personal favorite and features an energetic Zydeco feel. Sage Gentle-Wing's music is more of an experience than a sound and will touch listeners on many levels. Fans of 60's-style rock and pop need to hear this CD!
-Jean W. for RadioIndy

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Lifetimes" by Ricci Carr (adult contemporary artist from Australia)

A beautiful guitar intro opens the impressive adult pop CD "Lifetimes" by Australian artist Ricci Carr. The wonderful production of the CD effectively allows Ricci's vocals to cut through the beautiful and impressive accompaniment. Ricci has such control of her vocals, with terrific intonation and enunciation. She excels vocally - A fantastic performance! The soloists on this project compliment the songs so well, it was difficult to select a favorite piece. "You" brings a freshness in an adult pop song, bursting with energy and emotion. Beautiful saxophone accompanies the well-written song "Where Do We Go From Here". "Thinking Of You" is our favorite pick of this tremendous CD, for the tempo is perfect for dancing; the mood-setting song of the entire collection. Ricci Carr is splendid, and if you are shopping for easy listening/adult pop material you are sure to love this CD!
-Terri D. and RadioIndy
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Monday, April 9, 2007

"Scarlet Sundance" by Peripheral Bliss

  "Scarlet Sundance" is an ambient CD with tranquil, flowing tracks. The strength in the CD lies in the many keyboard/synthesizer sounds layered on top of each other and transitioning between each other to create tracks that gradually progress and change to create a beautiful and imaginative soundscape. Close your eyes and listen to these tracks and feel yourself floating into the sky. The tracks on this CD are excellent as background music as you go through your daily tasks, if you want to get inspired, or if you want to relax. Our favorite track is the title track, with its interesting instrumentation changes including memorable bass loops, guitar loops, and percussive work. If you enjoy ambient music, or are looking for backing music as you perform your daily activities, then check out this CD. Pick up a copy today!
 - Review by RadioIndy staff
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