Sunday, October 26, 2008

“One Million Words” by Chuck Eaton (Easy Listening Artist from Brazil)

"One Million Words" is the excellent easy listening debut thirty years in the making from Brazilian artist Chuck Eaton. This album's theme is love, as Eaton sings twelve original and romantic songs of love and passion, mood-setters written for lovers to listen to together. The entire album is written and performed by Eaton, which includes vocals and piano, guitar, and drum arrangements. These arrangements are solid with well-crafted piano work and terrific guitar solos, and show Eaton's skill in musical layering. Eaton's vocals are unique, sounding like a combination of an easy listening version of Paolo Nutini with traces of solo John Lennon. "One Million Words" is well-produced, and the entire album sounds clean and professional. "Wedding Rings" begins with a nice piano, drum, and guitar arrangement, then moves into a song about falling in love and begging for forgiveness. "Our Love Is Precious" starts with a great electric guitar solo over acoustic guitar and drums, and features more catchy and heartfelt lyrics about falling in love. Overall, "One Million Words" is a great love-themed album well worth the wait. Anyone who enjoys poppy, easy listening songs about love should check out "One Million Words."
-Chris & the Review Team
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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

“No Easy Way” by Jean Laughlin (Jazz Artist from Illinois(IL))

"No Easy Way" is a noteworthy release by Chicago jazz singer/songwriter Jean Laughlin, who is known for her broad vocal abilities and incredibly personal style. The writing is skillful and intelligent with fresh, clever arrangements. She is backed by an incredible orchestra of talented musicians featuring brilliant soloists and swinging horn sections. The rhythm section is fabulous, setting up and emphasizing the ensemble figures with ease while also providing wonderful support throughout. "Open" is a sincere and genuine opener with honest lyrics and Laughlin singing straight from the heart. Another heartfelt track is "Moment to Moment," which not only touches on the struggles of everyday life, but also offers inspiration. Her personality and individuality shine through on each tune, from her fun sense of humor on "Party Down" and "Lookin' at the Downside" to her warm, smoky style on the ballads "Sad Eyes," "Cast Away," and "Home ( a lullaby)." One ballad that really stands out is the touching "Friendships Broken," featuring an illustrious string arrangement and passionate vocals. Another excellent track is the lively "Simplify," with her vocals dancing atop the rhythmic figures of the horn section and Laughlin again showcasing her humorous side. This album is highly recommended for any fan of adult contemporary vocalists and/or big band music.
-Rodney and the Reviewer Team
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