Wednesday, April 30, 2008

“Sit Back And Smile” by Martin Nelson (Folk/Easy Listening artist from United Kingdom)

"Sit Back And Smile" by Martin Nelson is a uniquely impressive folk/acoustic album. Martin's passionate vocals and expressive lyrics make singing along a natural reaction. Moreover, the acoustic guitar work on this CD is nothing short of phenomenal. "A Little After 1'o'clock" demonstrates Martin's transcendental guitar work, bringing the listener to a place of inner peace and reflection. "Lost Emotions" is another unforgettable instrumental track, flaunting an acoustic arrangement that induces a very thick emotional atmosphere. Furthermore, the heart-melting ballad "Not Asking Much" shows off Martin's lyrical sincerity and skill. With production that is radio-ready, this album is destined to make its mark among fans of meaningful, heartfelt acoustic tunes.
-Lea & The RadioIndy Team
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Saturday, April 19, 2008

“Dance with me” by Renee’ Mixon (Easy Listening Artist from Georgia(GA))

"Dance with me" by Renee' Mixon is an enjoyable folk-pop CD. Front and center for this CD is Renee's meaningful and relevant songwriting. The CD is well produced, providing a crystal clear recording of Renee's enjoyable, and articulate vocals. Every selection is equally well done. The musicians are accomplished and very professional. There is a good mix of up-beat and mellow tracks both in tempo and passion. "It's My Life" is a declaration of independence and celebration of the freedom of choice of the young and striving. "Love Me for Me" is filled with beautiful lyrics and harmonies. The selection "I Hope It Was Worth It" brings a flavor of country in the sentiment of lost love. This CD is a good addition to any listener that enjoys female singer-songwriters.
-Lea and the Reviewer Team

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"Feathers and Bones" by Brenda Gill (Easy Listening Artist from British Columbia, Canada)

"Feathers and Bones" by Brenda Gill is a smooth easy listening CD with a curiosity and quirkiness to it. At the forefront is Brenda's voice, which is honest and has a childlike quality to it. Behind her are beautiful piano progressions, strings and airy synths. Her lyrics are philosophical, creative and will certainly entertain your mind. Highlights are "Ectoplasm" with it's spacey lyrics and a vocal performance that is unique in it's own right. "Butterfly" has blues influences with friendly piano work."We All Are One" wraps things up with a dramatic string section and a positive message. If you like Kate Bush, give this CD a try.
-William and the Reviewer Team

Friday, April 4, 2008

"O Holy Night" by Elizabeth (Easy Listening/Spiritual artist from Oklahoma (OK))

"O Holy Night" by Elizabeth is a 3-song collection of spiritual songs that feature the incredible voices of Bet and Ashtyn Wallace. The strong and lilting rendition of an old favorite religious melody, "O Holy Night," brings the talent of both mother and daughter to light, and displays the especially beautiful mix of their voices when they harmonize. Both vocalists have pitch-perfect vibrant voices and clear diction which enhances their performances. The keyboard work at the beginning of "I Don't Wanna Go" gives a full appreciation of the strong backup work on this selection and blends extremely well with the gentle voices of the vocalists. If you enjoy beautiful spiritual music or emotionally-moving female vocalists, you will enjoy this CD.
-Lea and the Reviewer Team
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